Welcome to Mighty Vertex Games, we're a professional art outsourcing studio for all your game art needs. Located in China, we offer reliable, high quality, affordable art with a quick turnaround.
Running a Kickstarter campaign (or other crowdfunding)? We've worked with lots of Kickstarter funded projects. Please feel free to contact us to get a quote before you go live to affirm your funding goals and art budget.
Gamedev.net is doing something cool April. 2015 Gamedev dot net In attempt to support the community site's server costs (which has been a boon to game development through the years), and cut the ties with intrusive and even dangerous spammy ads that are unrelated to game development, Gamedev.net decided to open up banner advertising to the community to increase support. Banner ads are FREE for all plus members (which is just $5 a month). They did this at the end of this past year, and it's still going well. Check out the posting here: Gamedev.net Here's our's, which you may have seen around the net recently: Mighty Vertex Games If your business is related to game development (and it's probably a pretty safe bet that it is, if you're reading this post), pop over and check it out to see if it's something you think would help you. It's for a good cause, too!
Happy Chinese Newyear! Feb. 2015 Happy year of the goat! (Or ram/sheep, if you prefer. We're going with goat.) We're out of the office to celebrate the newyear, but please don't hesitate to e-mail if you have any questions or problems. As always, we check e-mail every day and we'll answer as soon as we can. We'll be back to work by the end of February, and ready to get started with some exciting new projects this year.
Shadowrun HK success! Feb. 2015 At over 1.2 million, congratulations to Shadowrun on the recent Kickstarter success, and congratulations to the backers on what you've accomplished! With the all stretch goals unlocked in plenty of time, we're really excited at all of the unlocked content. A full new Mini-campaign added to the mix! Harebrained Schemes' process for rewards was a little different this time: less bling, more game (just two great physical rewards). And while the physical rewards last time were awesome, they definitely made the right choice in focusing the funding on extra content creation. We can't wait to get started, and see the game in action soon!
Shadowrun Hong-Kong Jan. 24, 2015 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/webeharebrained/shadowrun-hong-kong Our friends at Harebrained Schemes have done it again, The new chapter of Shadowrun, based in Hong Kong this time, blew away it's first funding goal in under two hours, and after just a few days the rightfully enthusiastic backers have pushed the project through almost all of the first stretch goals. We're really excited about the revamped Matrix! Watching with anticipation. If you haven't checked out Shadowrun on Kickstarter, don't miss it!
Happy 2015! Jan. 01, 2015
Happy 2013! Jan. 01, 2013
New Office opened. Oct. 29, 2012 Mighty Vertex has selected a new office space in SanLin World Exop software park. We're looking forward to having room to grow into. The new server and security infrastructure will allow us to bring the highest level of service and security to our clients. For some pictures of our new office, please see the 'About us' section.
ShadowRun Returns Oct. 10, 2012 Harebrained Schemes just released the first peek at some assets, showing off the cool new isometric perspective! Mighty vertex is excited to be involved in this game. Shadowrun Returns, if you aren't familiar with it, is a new story-based tactical RPG based on the famous Shadowrun IP, which has inspired videogames since the Genesis and SNES era from its inception as a tabletop RPG in 1989. Shadowrun Returns was funded on Kickstarter to the tune of almost 1.9 million dollars (including paypal contributions) in April, by enthusiastic fans of the IP, and the massive surge of support has made it possible for Harebrained Schemes to upgrade the game vision in many ways (one of those being the new Isometric perspective rather than the top-down perspective originally planned). Explaining the isometric 2d - 3d character mix in the blog, Harebrained Schemes said: "The 2D background allows us to deliver a level of detail, depth, and expressiveness that we think will capture the tone we're working toward, while the characters' 3D structure allows for fluid movement, and a wide range of character design and equipment options." Read more on Harebrained Schemes' blog update Here.
Drift Mania Championship 2 September 28, 2012 Mighty Vertex Games is pleased to be involved in Ratrod Studio's latest mobile racing game, Drift Mania Championship 2, which is now available for iOS and Android. The newest instalment to the 10 million player Drift Mania franchise, Drift Mania Championship 2 provides the ultimate drift racing experience with highly addictive gameplay and nex-gen graphics. In the game, players are challenged on style, driving skills, and showmanship over a series of realistic, epic racecourses. The "drift" in Drift Mania Championship 2 is about the loss of rear wheel traction while keeping the race car under complete control to achieve drifting. Drift Mania Championship 2 was made in collaboration with DMCC, the one and only Canadian professional drifting series, and uses an intelligent system accurately assess players' drifting execution, judging by the four main criteria: speed, line, angle, and impact. Based on performance, players can also unlock new courses, cars, and upgrade their virtual rides with aftermarket performance products from real-life licensed brands like Centerforce, K&N, Magnaflow, Mishimoto, Royal Purple, and Whiteline. Studio president Pat Toulouse commented, "With millions of players worldwide, we received tons of feedback and suggestions over the past two years. We listened to all our fans and took everything in consideration when designing this sequel. After a year of development, we are now back with the ultimate drift game available for any gaming platform," Drift Mania Championship 2 is available now for $1.99 on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on the iTunes App Store Here. Drift Mania Championship 2 for Android is also $1.99 and available on Google Play Here. Pick it up if you haven't already!
Disney's Pixie Hollow Pixie Hollow is an MMOG created by Disney in 2008, based largely on the Disney fairy books by Gail Levine. The game is free to play, with premium memberships and purchases. Players can make a fairy (female) or sparrow man avatar (for boys), which each have a few free beginner items to decorate their virtual rooms. Aside from decoration, there are a number of "Talent Games," and fun mini-games, found in the meadows and forests of Pixie Hollow (which makes it act a little like a game portal for minigames). Players can pick up leaves, seeds and flowers (the basis of in-game currency), and earn badges for their leaf journals which are persistent. For access to premium features, like making or buying more outfits and furniture for the avatar and to decorate their virtual rooms, players can get a premium membership which is monthly, annual, or semi-annual. Pixie Diamonds were introduced in 2012 as an in-game currency that can be bought with real money, converting the game to a micro-transaction model without the need for monthly memberships. It's a great game for kids, or kids-at-heart who love casual mini-games, and Mighty Vertex Games is pleased to be part of it.
VegasTowers VegasTowers is in the top 25 iPhone apps, and one of the top 10 in the US! We're glad to be part of this project.
TibiaME TibiaME is the first of its kind: a Multiplayer Online RPG for mobile. Produced by our friends at Cipsoft, Mighty Vertex Games is happy to work on this project. TibiaME is inspired by its predecessor, the PC game Tibia, one of the first and most popular online role playing games in Europe. The game client can be downloaded on the official website (www.tibiame.com). If you're not already a fan, give it a try!
GDC 2011 We will attending GDC 2011 in San Francisco.
University collaboration. We're planning some art collaborations with a university with a promising video game development program, and we're hoping to provide some future educational discounts for University programs- the sheer number of amazing game developers at the these universities who work with "programmer art" on such creative games for school projects is heart breaking. If you're a student and working on a non-profit school project, contact us to ask about this.
New Shanghai Pudong Studio opened. March 2010 Mighty Vertex just opened a new studio office in Pudong in Shanghai, China, and our staff moved in comfortably. This promises to be a great new year, in a great new location- just minutes from the subway