Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the time we can provide around twelve artists to work. It's possible to provide more, but may take some time. The only major exceptions are during the Chinese national holidays of Chinese Newyear (usually in mid to late February, depending on the lunar calendar) where we have one week off, and Chinese national day, which is also a one week holiday starting October 1st.
Yes, we can! We can do any kind of 2d or 3d art, for any kind of game. We can even do custom assets for products using unique and experimental graphics technology, or use your in-house editing software (common for animations): in those cases we just need some documents explaining how to do it.
Yes, we can. If it's a simple test, we can do it for free. If it will take more than a man-day, we can do it without upfront payment, but will need to be paid for the test when completed to your satisfaction.
It depends mostly on the quality; very high quality art requires more experienced artists, who demand a higher salary. Simpler art can be done by newly graduated students, for whom our costs are lower. Beyond that, quantity can reduce the price, because artists can be devoted to a project full-time, and we don't need to spend extra time on training. For a quote on your specific art needs, please contact us and send some samples or links to art that is similar in quality and style to what you need.
We accept payment by paypal or international bank wire. Paypal is usually better for small projects, while bank-wire works better for large ones. After we sign the contract and do any needed tests, we accept a deposit of 50% of the total to begin, and then the remaining 50% balance upon completion and delivery. For clients who don't want to pay a large deposit upfront, we can break the contract up into pieces, and create assets in smaller bundles, or one-by-one.
If it's for a game, we can help you make a simple, static website (HTML, and a little CSS to position the graphics and style text), which is primarily graphical in nature. A promotional splash page, for examples, with a couple links is something we can do. We don't do any back-end development. We can make custom graphics and update the style sheet for interactive elements like PHP forums, but we can't change the base-code or functionality.
Sorry, we can't provide that now. We are focused on and specialize in art of all kinds, but we don't have many programmers on staff.
No, but there is a certain amount of time needed to determine the project requirements, style, etc. So, a small order will generally cost more due to the administrative and learning-curve time needed (this is more pronounced with 3d than 2d). The best value from outsourcing comes when an artist has enough to do to last at least a few days, so he or she can get into the groove of the work; when familiar with the project and its requirements, assets can be produced much more quickly after the first one (which is where 'bulk' discount comes from, it's actually easier and faster for us to make more art than less).
The best way we can help you is to establish a solid and credible art budget for your game. Contact us, and we'll give you a quote. If you want to link to us, we'll even post about your Kickstarter on our site and confirm the quote we have given you so your backers know your art budget is sound and that we're standing behind it. Aside from that, if you have some upfront budget, we can make assets for your Kickstarter campaign specifically, such as title image, or section banners, in addition to any promotional or backer reward art you might need. E-mail us about your project, including game play and your basic pitch, and we might be able to give you an upfront discount if we'll be working with you long term after your Kickstarter funds.
Once you've paid the balance for the art we make for you, you get all rights to the work (we can just show them in our portfolio, as fair use). Some customers don't need or want full rights to the work, and it is true that this is less valuable (such as art bought from an asset store), and that there is potential for resale if we keep the rights. However, in practice, the resale market for highly customized game art assets is virtually non-existent. Like diamonds, game art is mainly a one shot deal. There are rare cases where your art requirements may be generic enough, and broad enough that others would want to purchase them as an asset pack, as in the Unity 3d asset store. But in these cases, there's usually already an asset pack that fits that bill. If there isn't, though, and you've found a gap in the market where people are after assets that they can't find (or there's nothing of suitable quality available), please let us know the specifics, and we'll consider it if we have time.
We get this question a lot. What do you mean? An African or European swallow?
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